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Krishelle Harrison


Social Media Influencer





2175 Lapalco Blvd Suite B

Harvey, LA. 70058

Years in Business

14  yearss

Spice Divas-03.png

A Bit About Krishelle

Greetings, dear friend! I'm absolutely thrilled to share my journey with you. From the age of 12, the art of styling hair has been my creative passion, nurtured under the expert guidance of my first teacher and the original SPICE DIVA – my beloved grandmother. It was in those formative years that my deep-seated love for both hair and fashion began to flourish.

Beyond the salon chair, my heart is devoted to a special cause – the elderly. After 14 incredibly fulfilling years, I find myself blessed with the realization of two dreams: Spice Diva Beauty Bar and Harrison Homes for the elderly. These endeavors reflect not only my commitment to beauty but also my heartfelt dedication to providing a nurturing space for the elderly.

As I navigate this dynamic industry, I am continuously inspired by those who came before me, learning from the best to elevate my craft. Additionally, serving on the boards of organizations supporting Fempreneurs is a privilege and an opportunity to contribute to the future of entrepreneurship.

This journey is a testament to God's blessings and the unwavering support of those around me. With gratitude, excitement, and a fervent commitment to growth, I look forward to the unfolding chapters and the exciting prospects ahead. Stay connected, as there's much more in store on this extraordinary voyage!

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